Advisory Services

Pratibha's think tank offers range of advisory services to our customers:

  • Offshore Advisory Services: For companies looking to outsource projects, this new model of working offers 24x7 project teams, a larger pool of skilled professionals and cost savings. Whether you have an existing offshore partner or wish to include offshore in your current business model, we can help you mitigate risks and reduce costs. We can assist you in improving performance throughout the outsourcing lifecycle by:
    • Analyzing your business to develop a plan and strategy to integrate offshore
    • Identifying the appropriate offshore solution, negotiating contacts and setting up the offshore facility
    • Implementing the process and transitioning the work offshore
    • Managing and optimizing the process

  • Program Management Services We follow Six Sigma Program Management
    • Identification of Process Improvement Areas
    • Six Sigma Awareness Session for Team Members
    • Project Metric Selection
    • Institutionalization of Project Progress Tracking System
    • Six Sigma Training to Project Managers
    • Mentoring and Project Facilitation
    • Program Result Evaluation
    • ROI Analysis

  • Architecture and Development Services: We advise our clients on defining the overall architecture of their system based on :
    • Customer Needs
    • Performance and Reliability
    • Extensibility
    • Time to Market

  • Business Continuity Planning: Pratibha employs flexible, focused, and robust tools based on the Disaster Recovery Institute's best practices. In the end, you get a Business Continuity Plan that is specific to your current needs and scalable for the future.
    • Assess risk by analyzing your current environment and defining critical business processes, supporting assets and continuity requirements
    • Develop a plan by creating detailed continuity procedures for identified critical business assets and applications
    • Test, refine, and implement the plan
    • Maintain the plan so that it can remain effective and relevant to your business needs.

Why get advise?
Getting the most from your IT investment requires proven methodologies and processes that adapt to change. We can show you how to implement technical processes that can help to increase efficiency and value across your organization.