Data Warehousing

One of the most important functions of an enterprise infrastructure is to maximize the business intelligence of an organization. This is especially true with the increased rate of business change ushered in by the Internet.

Over the past several years, organizations have collected large amount of data - information about their customers, their business, and their market. Unfortunately, few organizations have made significant advances in analyzing this data, relying primarily on manual analysis and report query until only recently. Pratibha can work with you to develop solutions that collect, organize, and analyze large amounts of data as well as present information in a meaningful way for decision-makers.

To help you with your Data Warehousing needs, Pratibha provides services to:

Data Architecture
The first step to creating a successful data warehousing solution is selecting a data architecture that fits your organization's technical and business characteristics. The process begins with Pratibha helping you determine the discriminating criteria that shape your data requirements. We then evaluate different database and data modeling techniques. Using real data from your organization, we determine the trade-offs of each design alternative for logical modeling, usability, data storage and access, query and database performance, scalability, and flexibility.

Data Mining
By applying data mining techniques, your organization can make sense of the large amount of data now stored on your operational systems. Pratibha works with you to apply data mining algorithms and techniques to your client data sets in order to discover trends and patterns, or to fit models to the data. In addition, we apply data visualization techniques to ensure that your employees will be able to receive this data in a meaningful format that helps them make better, quicker decisions. Next, we help you translate the knowledge gained from these data mining solutions into action and real business results. In particular, we work with you to define specific policies for key processes such as customer value management, risk management, and database marketing.

Data Visualization
Pratibha can help you take a step or two back to see patterns in your data. We take large volumes of business and customer records, and apply sophisticated statistical and visualization techniques. The result is a new perspective on your data. Data visualization offers analysts a multi-dimensional image of the data, offering insights into groups of data, which can be twisted to study impact and discover new trends and patterns, in a highly efficient manner compared to traditional techniques.

What we can do?
  • Capturing thought leadership
  • Modeling of the customer environment
  • Showcasing demonstrable solutions
  • Leveraging alliance capabilities
  • Leveraging skilled resources
  • Establishing a market presence
  • Creating brand awareness