What is eBusiness ? Do you have to embrace it ? What are the benefits ? How do you implement eBusiness solutions ? These are some of the commonly asked questions, in the area of eBusiness. To jump across all the hype and buzzwords surrounding eBusiness, read on

Technology is the driver of business strategy.
E-business is about getting internal processes and applications to support business over different channels, including the Internet.
E-business enables both business-to-consumer and business-to-business e-commerce. They are interdependent and not mutually exclusive.
Senior management must align business strategy, processes and applications to create an e-business system.
The new business design is to create flexible outsourcing alliances between companies to improve costs and customer satisfaction, using a low-cost, pervasive medium like the Internet.
E-business recognizes that controlling the flow of information is more powerful and cost-effective than moving and manufacturing physical products.
E-business is about using technology to innovate, enhance and entertain the entire customer experience.
E-business designs require re-configurable processes and partner communities.
Application integration is crucial for e-business as it ties together all the enterprise components that are 'below the waterline'.
Obsolescence is occurring at an increasing rate. The issue for managers is how to constantly look ahead and make sure systems are compatible.

Pratibha works with you to define your roadmap to eBusiness solutions. We help you classify, prioritize and schedule your transition to eBusiness solutions keeping in mind your objectives and bottomline.

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