Quality Assurance

Pratibha's Quality Assurance offers consulting, test implementations, non-functional testing, and test automation services, thus covering a large spectrum of testing services.

  • Consulting: Our highly qualified and experienced test engineers have a sound understanding of the best practices required for high quality product development. Our test engineers augment the development team by providing an honest and unbiased critique on the development process so as to ensure a higher quality product. Along with this Pratibha offers assistance in creating test plans, test processes, and formulating product wise test strategies. Our test engineers can help your organization understand and detect the sources of defect so as to help in eliminating future bugs.
  • Test Driven Development: During development we follow the test driven development approach which ensures that quality and covergae of code from the very start of the project
  • Continous Integration:We believe in the continous integration and build process. We encourage the usage of tools like cruise control from the start of the project.
  • Dedicated test centers: Pratibha can be your quality assurance (QA) partner and take complete ownership of the validation process. We offer this service through test strategy, test process definition, detailed test planning for releases, designing tests, and execution and defect management. Through metrics collection we participate in QA and defect analysis.
  • Specialized test service: We offer specialized services such as product assurance, performance testing, interoperability testing, endurance testing, reliability testing, scalability testing and stress testing.
  • Automation: We have in-depth experience of creating complete test automation strategy and its execution. We develop test automation using standard tools, frameworks, and scripts.

Our Edge
  • Test Driven Development and Continous Integration ( Agile Methodolgy )
  • Dedicated test engineers
  • Test leads who bring in rich experience in testing and vast domain knowledge
  • Test facilities completely owned by Pratibha Consulting
  • Experience of working with the industry leaders in delivering value through our domain knowledge, building blocks, cost advantage and on-schedule project management.
  • Proactive investment in building automation frameworks